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So yesterday I was trying to call Misha but my phone only said that I can’t call the number from Germany. In the evening I’ve been at a friends home who’s a Misha fan also and told her about. To proof it I called again and suddenly I made it to his voicemail We both were screaming and laughing like hell, my friend took my phone to end the call and not leave a message.
But she didn’t end it. So now Misha has a message from us on his phone were we are like “AHAHAHA OH MEIN GOTT, HAHAHA VERDAMMT AHAAAAAAAA…….. HAHAHAHAHAHA… Warte.. DAS LÄUFT NOCH, MACH ES AUS! HAHAHA!” (for the non germans “hahaha, oh my god, damned, wait it’s still going, turn it off!)

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